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For me, writing = joy

I officially began writing in the third grade — the year my mom bought me my first diary. My family and I were in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA, just beginning a two-week vacation.

By the end of those two weeks, I’d nearly filled the diary’s pages. I was hooked!

As a teen, the urge to write grew stronger within me. I would wake up through the night to scribble down a scene or a line of poetry. I just *had* to create something. As I grew older, I spent more and more time reading and writing. I would drive hours to meet with other writers or to hear an author speak, and I would spend just as many hours writing and rewriting something.

During my second year in college (the first time around!), I was supposed to write a paper about eminent Victorians, but what I actually wrote was the beginning chapter of a romance novel. It became my very first manuscript, which I sold to Kensington Publishing at the age of 24.

Since then, 12 other romance novels have followed, as well as dozens of magazine articles (and — finally! — a bachelor’s degree in English that took me seven long years to earn).

Today, I’m still pursuing my passion for words, sentence rhythm, and stories. I’ve tried *not* to write. My life would probably be far simpler, lol! But I always come back to it. The fact is, writing brings me great joy.

A few of my favorite things

Be. Do. Inspire.



May I never get too old for splashing in mud puddles, playing with watercolors, or sinking down into the grass to watch the clouds pass by overhead.
"Call of the Storyteller" is my writing invocation.


The story behind the story is usually the best story. Or so I've been told!


I write historical romance.

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Seldom does a book leave you holding your breath to the very end the way this one does. It’s a true masterpiece of the genre.


Lindsay Randall kept me entertained from start to finish! And the ending? Just perfect for the story!


Lindsay Randall’s writing keeps you turning the pages with scenes so exciting and descriptive, you can see them in your mind’s eye and you wish you were really there.


Reads like a wondrous fairy tale. Get ready to be swept off your feet and into a realm of mystery, adventure, deception, and timeless romance.


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